Abu Dhabi Tourism Your Extraordinary Story Films

From July to August in the hot and humid heat of the Abu Dhabi summer, Boomtown Productions were commissioned by M&C Saatchi UAE to produce all of the original media for the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority's new international advertising campaign. With a theme of 'Extraordinary Stories', the project featured three large productions including a highly successful TV Commercial (over 23 million views and growing) stills photography shoot and a series of promotional films.

We are proud to announce that the final section of this campaign being the promotional films were directed by our in-house director Rory McLoughlin. The films are tailored towards five key themes being General Tourism, Culture, Events, M.I.C.E and Cruise Ships.

Produced by our very own and ever resourceful Tanya Abou Jaoude, the campaign was an overall success, pushing us creatively and physically. The end product showcases Abu Dhabi in a way not often scene by tourists, let alone people living in the area. 'Everyone loves a good story so I channeled those thoughts of awe and wonder with big landscapes and feeling of liveliness' says Rory. 'The team at M&C Saatchi created a great copy and married it seamlessly to key locations and activities in Abu Dhabi set out by the marketing team at the TCA. It really was a beautiful project to be a part of featuring stunning scenery, cuisine and activities that reflect the authentic experience of Abu Dhabi.'
Some footage was shared from the TVC production.

The films not only follow a theme of extraordinary stories but start off in a unique way using quick cut snippets from scenarios of the film, instantly capturing the attention of viewers and building intrigue.