ADNOC F1 Partnership Announcement

Boomtown Productions received the brief Weds night & shot Thursday evening and Friday night till 7am. Delivery last night (Sunday) for today's morning press event to a standing ovation. What a turnaround, what a team! What an awesome project to be a part of.

I set out to create a fast paced, high intensity & moody film, reminiscent of the Penzoil Joy Ride films to really feel the raw power of race cars on a track. Quick cuts matched with crunchy sound design lifted the energy of the film while using the shaker on the flight head added to the sense of speed. The opening needed to feel calm and smooth, in contrast to the chair gripping racing later. We used dry ice on the floor of the garage to give the hero ADNOC branded race car a mythical feeling, adding to it's sense of importance.
Revealing the two VIPs from ADNOC and Abu Dhabi Motor Sport has a strong sentimental connection here and coincides with the text message in the beginning of 'it's time.' This eludes to the idea that it's about time ADNOC take on the role of official partner for the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix so the race symbolises the chasing between the two entities for this partnership over the last decade of F1 at the Yas Marina Circuit.
The final shot announcing this partnership has Omar Al Suwaidi looking out proudly towards the main grandstands towards his future partnership with the distant and muffled sound of an F1 car representing the changing of the guard from previous F1 sponsorship.

Thanks Alex Brown for the concept and support, thanks Rob & Chris for totally having my back & Shane Martin for the belief and guidance. Thanks Volodymyr for the frames and capturing the speed! Thanks John for knowing my lighting mood and & Roger, always so sharp sir! Thanks Neda from Cold-Cutz for your patience and epic edit! Thanks Mile Studios for the dark and moody grade. On point. Thanks Si Charles for live sound and Brian Mullany for making this the crunchy and chair gripping sound design this film deserves. Nailed it. George for making all the shots happen and Dragan for the crazy angles and finding a solution for the flight head! Wael @ Gamma Engineering Middle East and the rest of the crew inc Rian McLoughlin, Marko Knezevic for camera, Jai Rodgers an up coming PA, Steven & Sarah from Yas Marina Circuit, Phil, Z and James for your speed. I'm proud of this project and I'm proud of my team.