Expo 2020 Sustainaball

Director name: Rory McLoughlin
Prod Co: Boomtown Productions
Country : Dubai
Client : Expo 2022 Dubai
Agency: Face to Face

Last year we (Boomtown Productions) were commissioned to create the Messi Expo 2020 film based around the concept that the Dubai Expo is connecting communities around the world. This was metaphorically showcased through a yellow ball being kicked around different countries around the world starting off with Messi. Pass the ball on and keep the energy and momentum going as 'the world is better when we act together'.
To compliment this campaign, we also made a set of films following the distribution of sustainaball footballs to 3 different countries. Jordan, Philippines and Kenya, 2020 balls each country.

To create a set of films that tell the story of collaboration, connectivity and human spirit through the distribution of the footballs.
We bonded with the local communities we were shooting in which allowed us privileged access and genuine reactions from the kids.

A small travelling team of a Director, DOP and Producer met with small local production support. We took our own Sony Fs7 Camera and shot on Zeiss Super Speeds.
There's a mixture of handheld and gimbal moments. We wanted to focus on the natural reactions of the kids smiling, having fun and playing.
The film and project has made an emotional impact on our team and feedback from viewers has been positive and engaging also.