Zayed Sustainability Prize Winner's film for event 2020

Filmed across nine countries, this is the 2020 winner's film for the Zayed Sustainability Prize. Our featured heroes are unbeknown to the fact that they are winners of the prize, still to be announced at the event. They talk about their hardships, their dreams, motivation and how excited & proud they would be about winning this prize.

Director: Rory McLoughlin
Second Unit Director: Jackson Allers
Third Unit Director/DOP: Apirana Ipo
Producer: Leighla McGraggor
Executive Producers: Daniel Kilalea & Shane Martin
1st Unit DOP: Harold de Bellefroid
2nd Unit DOPs: Ian Murphy & Rian McLoughlin
Production Manager: Girlie Esparagoza
Colombian Unit PM: Maritza Blanco
Music Composer: Gustav Karlstrom
Editor/Colourist: Shelton Philipose
Sound Design: Brian Mullany

Client: Masdar's Zayed Sustainability Prize
Senior Manager: Dalal Yassin